About Us

Jivitas means lives. Founded on the belief that it is the roots where the greatest strength lies, we strongly believe in connecting our lives to our roots. Similar to our ancestral way of healthy living, we at Jivitas Roots, believe in giving back to nature. Hence, we encourage our farmers to grow organic.

Though organic is a word that has been used time and again, many people still have no clue about it. Even research shows a clear relationship between good health and organic food products. Those individuals who consume more whole foods, freshly grown vegetables and fruits from the farm, and non-adulterated dairy products have lesser diseases and live a healthier life than those who do not consume such products. Therefore, the need of growing organic and going organic is paramount.

Jivitas Roots’ organic and natural products come from farms located across India. Jivitas Roots is a women-driven organization. We connect to self-help women groups in villages across India and provide them with our business opportunities. Thus, our firm encourages women’s empowerment by enabling them to be financially independent.



In today's times, health disorders like obesity, early age diabetes, cancer, cardiac-related diseases are on the rise. According to studies, it has been proven that chemicals, pesticides, adulterants, and processed foods are the reason for the rise in these diseases. Jivitas Roots aims to minimize these effects to the maximum extent and give people a healthy way of living. Our goal is to bring organic and natural products to each and every household. Therefore, we encourage and train the local farmers to grow organic using traditional agricultural practices in our very own organic farms.


We aim to promote longevity for people to lead healthy and fulfilling life. Our 100% organic & natural products enhance people's lives by providing high-quality natural food products.


All our products are 100% organic, lab accredited, and certified products. Jivitas Roots adheres to the strict norms set by APEDA (Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority), Government of India. Also, we are proud to inform our users that we have IMO India certification.